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Birchway capital is a growth investor in European technology scale-ups

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We provide the capital to elevate your business to the next stage of growth or profitability
About us

Birchway is a specialist investor in European technology scale-ups

Before starting Birchway, we each spent over a decade leading and investing in scale-up businesses. As Birchway, we combine our unique experiences to help accelerate your growth.

We do this through a combination of our expertise & network, growth capital and our knowledge around data, machine learning and AI.

Whether you’re considering your first external investor, or a venture-funded company seeking a new growth path, we commit to making a meaningful contribution to take you to the next level.

How we invest
How we invest

Allocated capital for European scale-ups


Datapoints used to train our AI models


Combined years of scale-up experience

Growth capital

Have you heard from us?

We use our unique data-led approach to proactively seek out companies with incredible potential that we believe our capital and capabilities can help realise.

If you've heard from us, it's because based on our backtested models, we believe your business has clear hallmarks of success. We want to partner with you to build on the greatness  you’ve already achieved and become partners for the next step of your growth journey.

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Experienced hands backed by data

Each member of the Birchway team has wrestled with the big and small challenges of growing a scale-up organisation. We believe that there is no substitute for hands on experience of running a business. We combine our human understanding of having “been there”, with an advanced grasp of data to chart a way forward.

Meet our team
Meet our team

Founder testimonials

Profile picture of John Um, founder and CEO of Mercato

"Kilian’s experience is impressive, but his empathy is the difference maker. Having been a founder himself, he knows what it takes to will a company from an idea, to inspire a team when the future is uncertain, and to serve customers with amazing products and experiences.”

John Um, Founder & CEO, Mercaso
Profile image of Jordane Giuly, Founder & CEO of Defacto

"As a board member, Kilian has been more than just a guide; he has been a hands-on strategist, challenging and pushing us to new heights, especially on growth, risk management, and funding strategies.”

Jordane Giuly, Founder & CEO, Defacto
Profile picture of Johannes Sibers, founder and CEO of Holidu

"One of the reasons we chose to work with Kilian was his own deep entrepreneurial experience which made it very easy to quickly speak about very relevant questions for the business.”

Johannes Siebers, Founder & CEO, Holidu