How we invest

Investors in high potential

our focus

Specialists in European scale-ups

Delivering an impact beyond capital

With a combined 20 years of operating experience, plus our network, capital, and our data and M&A skills, we believe that we can have a meaningful impact on helping to grow your business.

Accelerating your growth with data & AI

Data and AI are reshaping industries worldwide. We're leading the way in integrating these technologies into our portfolio companies across key areas from sales to customer success and operations

Filling the funding gap for scale-ups

We provide capital for a range of reasons including providing liquidity, ramping sales & marketing, or funding M&A - solving key challenges which scale-ups face.

Investment criteria

Companies we're looking to partner with

We invest in high growth technology companies or tech enabled services. We are highly selective in choosing the companies that we partner with and look for high-potential businesses for whom our capital and capabilities can make the difference.


EU or UK



Annual revenue growth



Profitable or close to

Investment size

Investment process

How we get to know you

We know that most founders want to focus on growing and developing their business rather than spending time raising capital. That’s why we try and make our process relatively streamlined.



We typically know your sector well or have done a significant amount of pre-work before we get in touch with you. We want to focus in our questions on the specifics of your business, not how your industry works.



We’ll reach out to you to introduce ourself, explain our investment model and why we’re interested in your business. Our first conversations will focus on getting to know you team and quickly understanding if there’s scope for our partnership.



Our diligence meetings will involve getting to know your business, understanding your financials and meeting with your team.



Once we’ve completed our diligence and decided we’d like to invest, we’ll give you a short term sheet which outlines the key elements of our offer.



If you’re happy with our offer, we can move quickly to longer documents to document everything formally.

Post-deal support

Playbooks born from practical experience

Sales & Marketing

Super-charge your growth levers with additional capital or leverage us and our network for contacts and expertise.


Leverage additional capital, investing expertise and our proprietary database of every start-up and scale-up in the EU.

Strategy & Operations

Bring additional expertise and capabilities into your business from a Birchway team who’s ‘been there’ before.

AI & Machine Learning

Work with our world-class team to get advice on how to train, implement and optimise different models.

Founder testimonials

Profile picture of Johannes Sibers, founder and CEO of Holidu

"One of the reasons we chose to work with Kilian was his own deep entrepreneurial experience which made it very easy to quickly speak about very relevant questions for the business.”

Johannes Siebers, Founder & CEO, Holidu
Profile picture of John Um, founder and CEO of Mercato

"Kilian’s experience is impressive, but his empathy is the difference maker. Having been a founder himself, he knows what it takes to will a company from an idea, to inspire a team when the future is uncertain, and to serve customers with amazing products and experiences.”

John Um, Founder & CEO, Mercaso
Profile image of Jordane Giuly, Founder & CEO of Defacto

"As a board member, Kilian has been more than just a guide; he has been a hands-on strategist, challenging and pushing us to new heights, especially on growth, risk management, and funding strategies.”

Jordane Giuly, Founder & CEO, Defacto